The most important crypto secret for achieving crazy profits

The world of cryptocurrencies is full of crazy increases. These crazy increases were crystallized in what happened in 2021 when many currencies increased more than 1,000-fold in just a few months.
For this reason, it is necessary to study what is new to benefit from it and prepare for the next bull market.
What is the most important crypto secret that helps you always achieve crazy profits? Let’s find out!

The most important crypto secret

Knowing the most important crypto secret is necessary before investing in the cryptocurrency market.
This is due to the volatile nature of the market. The crypto market usually increases by 20%, not in a day, but in an hour.
It is also common for this market to have a violent fall within minutes.

For this reason, the most important crypto secret will help you understand the mechanism of the market and how it works.
This way you can benefit from crazy gains but also avoid crazy losses!

So what is the most important crypto secret?

The most important crypto secret is not much different from the investment secret! Simply arrive early before others! But what does this mean?

How did investors make crazy gains from Apple or Amazon? You can trade the stocks of these companies and you will make good gains but not crazy gains. The secret here is to be early.

This means that you invested your money in these companies at the end of the last century when these companies were just small companies that did not have a huge market value.

This is the secret of crypto too. Most of those who have achieved crazy gains in crypto do not do so through leverage, contrary to belief.
But this happens when you are an early investor. But does this mean you take all your trading accounts and throw them into random projects with small market capitalization?

Of course not! You must choose the right projects. Many companies appeared when Apple and Amazon appeared, but only Apple and Amazon exist now.
This means that accuracy in selection is necessary, and this is what you learn, for example, through fundamental analysis skills.

What you should understand

There is something you should know that is very important. This is a crucial part of crypto’s biggest secret.

Complications are an integral part of any investment. This means understanding how arithmetic multipliers work, but not in a complicated way, just the principles.

If you have a digital currency worth $1 and you invested $100 in it and another person invested in it when its price became $2, this means that if the price of the currency increased to $100, you would have $10,000. But the other person only had $5,000.

Note here that the difference between you is only $1 in price, but after many increases, this difference became terrible and reached 50%.
If a third person invests in this currency at $4, then when its price reaches $100, he will have $2,500. Do you see how profits decrease significantly as the price increases?

What is interesting here is that if one person invests $100 in the currency when its price becomes $50 and another when its price becomes $55, the difference between them will not be large. This is because the complications have lost their influence.

Now, for the difference between them to be strong, the currency must increase 1000 times.

The earlier you are = The more profits you will make

The most important crypto secret is simply that the earlier you are, the more your profits will be.
The INJ coin project is currently increasing like crazy. This project I made was approximately $1.5 at the beginning of 2023.
Whoever can buy at this time will benefit the most. This includes even those who do not have a lot of capital.

The higher the market value of the currency, the more capital you need to achieve profits.

The market value reflects the real size of the project. Therefore, the smaller the value, the more risky the investment in the project, but the greater the gains. vice versa.

Investing in Bitcoin is currently considered one of the least risky investments, not in crypto, but globally.
But the return has become much lower than investing in altcoins, for example, which are currently considered the highest-risk investments in the entire world.

Social media noise: Part of the crypto secret

Crypto’s most important secret, which is to be early, has more than one different part:

  1. Get into investments early.
  2. Being able to get ahead of social media noise before it happens.

Usually, whether in cryptocurrencies or the traditional financial market, marketing is the most important tool in the hands of companies to disseminate information about their products and stocks.
Therefore, the more people know about stocks and products, the greater the market value.

It’s the same in cryptocurrencies. This is why you should never wait for a cryptocurrency project to become popular and invest in it.
Make your goal the opposite, to invest in projects when they are obscure and completely unknown. You will start selling when these projects start making noise on social media.

An example to clarify

Many people invested in the Solana coin in 2020 and 2019. However, this currency was not known at all at this time.
That is why when it became very popular in 2021 and its price increased insanely, the price almost reached $250, after which it was followed by very intense selling pressure that led to the price of the currency falling to about $7 before it rebounded upward.

This is the best example of what we mean. Don’t invest in a currency when there is hype around it but when people don’t know about it.
Most people invest only when the product becomes famous, and therefore you must outpace all of these to achieve big gains.


Small capital will not be an obstacle

Finally, do not forget that small capital will never be an obstacle to achieving huge gains. But the condition here is that you use the most important crypto secret to achieve profits.

Those with small capital need to be early investors in crypto projects.
This is because the small amount of capital will not be an obstacle when the project grows more than 100 times.

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