Facebook apologizes to a Qatari billionaire in the case of fraudulent crypto ads

According to a report published by the Financial Times, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) has issued a public apology to Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana.
It pledged to provide additional preventive measures after his image was exploited in crypto scam ads on the platform.

The prominent Qatari businessman, also known as the former husband of pop star Janet Jackson. Filed a lawsuit against Meta in Dublin, Ireland.
Over the past three years, he claimed to have suffered significant reputational damage, as well as distress and embarrassment resulting from fraudulent advertising.

Meta Company admits to publishing false and offensive crypto ads

During a court hearing in Dublin on Friday, Meta admitted that she had “published false, misleading, and offensive advertisements containing Wissam Al Mana’s image on Facebook without his knowledge or consent.”

The social media giant expressed its regret for the damage caused and issued a sincere and unconditional apology to Mr Al Mana.

According to the report, prominent figures, including politicians, have begun legal action in Ireland against social media companies.
Highlighting the use of their names and images to promote crypto scams

It is worth noting that Meta has settled the defamation lawsuit filed by Martin Lewis in England.
By donating a large amount to the Anti-Fraud Association and introducing new tools for users to report fake ads.

Although Meta reviews and approves ads before they appear on Facebook, industry experts argue that fraudsters can use fake identities to circumvent these checks.

Meta is committed to taking strong measures against deceptive advertising and cryptocurrency fraud

Meta has pledged to implement strong measures to combat such misleading advertising and crypto fraud in the future.
The details and terms of the personal settlement reached with the Qatari businessman were not revealed.

Wissam Al Mana, a well-known businessman in the Middle East, plays a major role in managing his family group in Qatar.
It has exclusive distribution rights for several luxury brands. Including Harvey Nichols, Alexander McQueen, and Hermès.

Wissam Al Mana’s lawsuit against Meta began in Dublin in February 2020, and the case was settled in court on Friday. Irish libel laws are considered to be more open than those in the United States.

Wissam Al Mana’s legal team claims that Facebook initially removed the initial crypto scam ad set.
However, the platform did not implement effective measures to prevent its recurrence. As a result, additional fake ads appeared in 2019, prompting Meta to remove them again.

Meta faces the urgent need to strengthen its protocols and preventative measures to effectively combat crypto advertising fraud and protect the integrity of its platform.

For those involved in the crypto space, this is another reminder to be extremely cautious. Fraudsters are everywhere, and they can use any means to trap you in their trap.
And never think that you are too smart to fall into it, for what protects you is not your intelligence, but rather your doubt and constant caution.

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