How to buy Solana with a credit card?

Solana coin is considered one of the most popular currencies in the cryptocurrency market.
This year, the currency recorded a surprise after its price increased more than 10-fold since the beginning of the year.
The currency has recovered from the damage that occurred to it due to the crisis of the fall of the FTX platform, which was the largest investor in the Solana blockchain.
There are many ways to buy Solana, so let’s find out how and where you can buy Solana with a credit card!

Can Solana be purchased with a credit card from the Binance platform?

Binance is the most famous cryptocurrency platform in the Arabian Gulf, especially in the UAE.
Unfortunately, Solana cannot be purchased with a credit card directly from the platform.
The platform does not support this, and the only solution is to buy USDT with a card and then buy Solana on the spot market.

We talked about this method in detail in a previous article, so you can learn about it.
This means that you cannot buy the currency directly from the Binance platform.
Therefore, if you want to buy Solana coins directly with a credit card, you can do this through the famous OKX platform.
It is considered one of the largest platforms in the world and the most famous after the Binance platform, so we know how.

Buy Solana with a credit card on the OKX platform

Buy with Simplex
Buy with Simplex

You can buy Solana with a credit card directly on the OKX platform via Moonpay or Simplex.
These are external platforms that the platform has contracted with to facilitate the process of converting cash currencies into crypto.

However because the OKX platform is a centralized platform, the first step is to create an account on this platform.

After this, you will go through the KYC procedures on the platform, which is much easier than other platforms and will not take more than a few minutes.
Also, make sure that cryptocurrency trading is not prohibited in your country. After this, you can link your card to the platform.

The next step is to log into the wallet and then click on Buy.
A list will appear for you. Do not forget to choose the appropriate currency, whether the dollar or the UAE dirham, but we explain the dollar or the euro.

Below you can see the options to buy in Euros.

Finally, you can see the options for purchasing in dollars, which we recommend, especially Moonpay since it is one of the most popular and reliable services.

You’ll need to create an account on any of these platforms just like you did on OKEx. You will also need to go through KYC procedures on these platforms.
On the Moonpay platform, the KYC process only takes a minute. Once the passport is photographed and the photo and proof of identity are sent, the process is completed.

After this, you will complete the purchase process and the currencies will be transferred to your OKX wallet within minutes at most.
If the coins do not arrive in your wallet, contact customer service on the external platform and not on OKX.

After this, you will own these currencies and you can sell them on the spot market or keep them in the platform’s wallet.
However, we do not recommend keeping it for a long time on the platform due to its risk of being stolen if the platform is hacked.
Hence it can be transferred to a hot wallet like Trust Wallet.


Is OKX the best platform to buy Solana with a credit card?

There are, of course, alternative solutions to purchasing Solana with a credit card other than the OKX platform.
But we recommend the platform due to its ease of use and also the availability of more than one external platform through which purchases can be made.
Most alternative platforms like Woo X and Kucoin will offer the same services.

Please note that the fees here will not differ much, given that the platforms contract with the same external platforms.
Therefore, you will always find fees ranging between approximately 2-4%.

You can buy directly from a wallet like Phantom or Trust Wallet via card but the fees may be higher.

Is there a cheaper way to buy Solana?

The absolute cheapest way to buy Solana is through the free P2P market. This is via either the Binance platform or the OKX platform.
But since the currency cannot be purchased directly, USDT can be purchased on the free market and then Solana can be purchased on the spot market.

How can I register on the OKX platform?

Through the link, you can register and trade now!

Is it possible to use the free market (P2P) on OKX?

The P2P (free market) is available and Ethereum can be easily bought and sold in the UAE!

Is the OKX platform safe?

The OKX platform is secure against hacking and also has backup proof that can be easily viewed.

This is because in this way you avoid the purchase fees on the credit card and thus save about 2-4%, but the spot market is not available in all countries, so make sure it is available where you live.
For example, in Europe, there are many restrictions around this market and therefore it is better to avoid them.

If you want to know more about cryptocurrencies, do not forget to visit our website and contact us!

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