CEO of OKX Exchange outlines basic principles for listing cryptocurrencies

Jay Hao, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange OKX, posted on his X account that several friends are urging him to list more BRC-20 tokens.
However, he explained why this strategy is not suitable for the cryptocurrency platform he runs.

While many investors were wondering what criteria exchanges list altcoins.
A new post regarding the listing came from the CEO of OKX, the leading cryptocurrency exchange.

OKX CEO outlines the basic principles for listing cryptocurrencies on the platform

Jay Hao, CEO of cryptocurrency trading platform OKX, outlined five basic principles for listing cryptocurrencies and tokens on the platform.

As Hao pointed out in a post on the X platform, Before deciding to list digital assets, one must rely on some essential basic factors.

I want to be clear, as a cryptocurrency trading platform. If we use the simplest strategy of listing all tokens. I think that might help you make money faster. But it will destroy the market.

Jay Hao, CEO of cryptocurrency trading platform OKX.

Among the factors that a token or cryptocurrency must have to be listed on the OKX exchange are the following:

  • Blockchain technology and token-based products.
  • The popularity of the token in the community.
  • And whether the project founder and investor team are long-term developers.
  • Review legislation and compliance.
  • He refused to list worthless cryptocurrencies.

Jay Hao also pointed out that OKX never wanted to be the most aggressive trading platform in the crypto listing space. However, it is looking for growth and continuity in the long term:

Although the exchange is not the most well-known leader in the industry. However, they still have long-term philosophies. Like building infrastructure, not being drawn into negative practices, being as transparent as possible, and always relying on technology.

Jay Hao, CEO of cryptocurrency trading platform OKX.

On the other hand, last week, the trading volume in the NFT market on the OKX platform exceeded more than $60 million, surpassing the Blur and OpenSea platforms.
Analysts credit this growth to increased trading volumes of BRC-20 tokens and the Bitcoin (BTC) Ordinals token standard.

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