Donald Trump sells a new NFT collection and sends the prices of the old collection crashing

It was this time last year when Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America, launched his first batch of NFTs.
Which sparked uproar, ridicule, and millions of dollars in sales. After a second round last spring, it came back with the largest collection of NFTs but the market doesn’t seem to be responding positively.

A new set of NFTs called Trump Digital Trading Cards: MugShot Edition launched on Tuesday.
It includes a collection of up to 100,000 collectible NFT tokens on the Polygon network. $99 per NFT token.
The collection includes 45,000 NFT in the first group and 47,000 NFT in the second group.

The group’s topic relates to the famous judicial investigation into Trump in the US state of Georgia last August.
An official photo was taken of him (a photo of a suspect known as a MugShot), the first in the history of a President of the United States of America. It spread like wildfire at that time.

A source of collecting money

Since then, Trump has used the image to sell merchandise and raise funds for his presidential campaign. And now it’s part of the look and branding of his latest NFTs.

As with previous sets, NFT INT LLC has licensed Trump’s name and image to the official group issuing this set. It offers various benefits to those who purchase a large number of cards.

One of the features is a physical trading card containing part of the suit he wore in the famous portrait. Which the company claims is cut into thousands of small parts.

One of the physical cards will be sent to collectors who purchase 47 of the NFT token cards in a single transaction — worth $4,653 before fees — which may or may not be signed by Trump.

Anyone who purchases 100 NFT token cards at once ($9,900 value) and pays in cryptocurrency will receive two physical cards. Along with VIP tickets to attend a state dinner at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago headquarters in Florida.

In a video promoting the sale, Trump pitches himself as “your favorite president.” He highlights various advantages and admits that the caricature exaggerates his physical features. He then tells the story of his suit’s journey from personal photo to collectible tear-off.

It was a great suit, believe me — a really good suit. It’s all cut up, and you get a piece of it

Trump in the promotional video.

Now go collect your exclusive piece of American history, and we’ll all have fun together. I wish you a happy life.

Trump in the promotional video.

As previous batches of NFTs sold out in the initial sale. It makes sense that Trump would want to get back into the business again — especially with the potential to make nearly $10 million.

Are Trump NFT cards a profitable investment?

But, do Trump supporters still have the same enthusiasm as before to buy and invest more in the project?

Especially when you see that the previous (second) collection was released last April. Their prices collapsed on the secondary market for the original NFTs, immediately after the announcement of the new collection.

Its value fell by more than 50% within hours, eventually reaching a fraction of the highest starting price of $1,079.

And now it’s happening again. According to data from NFT Price Floor, the cheapest NFT token listed from the original batch fell 18% today to a current price of $396., after rebounding from a 33% drop to $319 earlier Tuesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Series 2 cards lost 34% of their value, falling to just $61 — below the original asking price of $99.

Excitingly, the Collect Trump Cards website claims that the newer NFT tokens are non-transferable until December 31, giving creation and appreciation until the end of the month before the market can determine their value.
We’ll see if it sells out before then. So far, about 8,000 of them have been printed, according to data from the OpenSea marketplace.

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