Buy AVAX Coin: 3 Ways You Should Know

The AVAX currency project has become one of the largest projects in the blockchain world. Consequently, there is purchasing pressure on this promising currency.
But how to buy AVAX coins? In this article, we will learn about the three best ways this currency can be purchased, so let us find out more!

How to buy AVAX coins?

AVAX currency is considered one of the most important cryptocurrencies on the scene. Therefore, there is more than one different way to purchase it, and we will talk about the three most popular methods today.
This Avalanche blockchain currency is considered one of the most important currencies on the blockchain scene.
This is because it provides a powerful alternative to the Ethereum network that can be built and developed easily and at relatively low costs.
The network is also compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This means that projects built on Ethereum do not need to be rebuilt.
These projects can only be ported onto Avalanche or vice versa.

The currency can be purchased on centralized platforms and can also be purchased on decentralized platforms.
This is due to the large market value of the project and also the daily trading volume.
Thus making this currency popular and desirable which means providing the opportunity to buy it from different sources.
AVAX currency can be purchased directly by credit card.


Buy AVAX coin on a centralized platform

We said that the daily trading volume on AVAX currency is very high, amounting to one billion and 300 million dollars every day.
This is a very high number and therefore all the giant centralized platforms would like to get a share of it.
For this reason, you will find that the currency can be purchased from a central platform very easily.
The most famous centralized platforms, like Binance, OKX, Kraken, and Bybit, can all be used to purchase the currency.

Currently, we recommend the OKX platform for direct purchases with a credit card or the Binance platform for indirect purchases, and we will explain the difference.

Buy AVAX coin with a credit card

AVAX can be easily purchased with a credit card through major centralized exchanges such as OKX and Binance.
And of course, do not forget to make sure that the use of these platforms is available and legal in your country. For this reason, we will give an example of the UAE dirham.


The currency can be purchased directly in the UAE easily through the OKX platform directly through an intermediary, which is the Simplex platform.
In this case, you will need to create an account on the OKEx platform, and then go through KYC procedures. After this, you will repeat this step on the Simplex platform, and then finally the coins will be deposited directly into your wallet.

The fees here will range between approximately 2-4% depending on the currency, but we recommend using either the UAE dirham or the US dollar.

Buy AVAX coin indirectly from the free market (P2P)

Some banks still do not deal with crypto platforms, even if they are licensed and legal in the country.
If your card does not accept the purchase of cryptocurrencies, then AVAX currency can be purchased indirectly through the free peer-to-peer market.

In this market, you must buy USDT directly from other sellers by depositing cash into their bank account or e-wallet.
It is a convenient method and also cheaper in terms of fees, but also make sure that buying and selling cryptocurrencies is available and legal in your country.
This method is permitted in the UAE and we recommend it due to its low costs.
We recommend the Binance platform here because it has a giant free market with many options.
But of course, you will need to create an account on the platform and then go through KYC procedures.

Once the currencies arrive in your wallet, you will find them in the Funding wallet.
Move it to the spot market or Spot wallet. This will cost you nothing and will be done instantly.
After this, you will enter the spot market and place a buy order either at the market price or via a limit.
A market order has higher fees because you are withdrawing liquidity from the market.
As for the limit order, it is placed so that the purchase is made when the currency price falls to a certain limit, and it will be executed in an automated manner, this is what we recommend after you do some technical analysis.

Buy AVAX coin on a decentralized platform

If you have cryptocurrencies on a hot wallet and do not want to buy through a centralized platform, you can buy through a decentralized platform.

In this case, we recommend the best option from her point of view, which is the Rocketx platform.
This platform is a decentralized platform but allows you to purchase via either centralized or decentralized platforms.
This platform is known as Aggregator, meaning that it works like a broker or middleman who searches for the best options to buy the currency you want.
Through this platform, AVAX currency can be purchased through different networks, not just Ethereum.
You will choose the Avalanche network as the network you want to buy the currency from, you will choose the network you have the funds on and you will make the purchase.


You will be faced with several choices. You can buy through another decentralized platform, and this will cost you somewhat higher gas fees, especially on Ethereum.
The other solution is to buy directly through this platform from a central exchange and after about 20 minutes the coins will be deposited into your wallet.
We always recommend this solution because its costs are very low, but be careful because the price of cryptocurrencies fluctuates quickly.
Therefore, make sure that you buy at a calm time, for example at dawn, when there is no high fluctuation in the market.

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