Buy Bitcoin with a credit card step-by-step

Today we will talk about a specific method, which is to buy Bitcoin with a credit card.
We will explain the method step by step on the Binance platform, but these same steps can be applied to any other platform, so they will not differ much.

How to buy Bitcoin with a credit card?

The first thing you should know is that to buy Bitcoin with a credit card you must do so on a central platform.
This means that you must create an account on any central platform you will deal with. Here the first step is to log in to the central platform first.

After this, you will easily create an account via email or phone number. It is also preferable to place both to

Once you have successfully passed the KYC procedures you will be able to purchase Bitcoin with a credit card.
If you have USDT coins you can buy them directly on some platforms without KYC but not through Binance.

increase the security of your account.
Since you are registering an account on a centralized platform, this means you have to go through KYC procedures.
This means uploading a copy of your passport and a photo of yourself (which will be taken automatically) on the platform.

But any transaction made through cash, i.e. via bank cards, must be done after KYC.

You can easily link your bank card to the platform, and once you do this, you will be able to purchase very easily.

You can also buy Bitcoin with a card through the OKX platform!

Buy Bitcoin directly with a credit card

Once you link your card on the platform you will be able to buy Bitcoin with a credit card easily.
The platforms differ in their pricing of the currency, a very slight difference that will only be noticed in large amounts. Also, platforms differ in their fees.
Binance platform fees are approximately 1.9% on purchases, and you should not forget to add your bank fees if there are fees.

You will enter the overview in the wallet on the app.

After this, you will click on Buy. Then you will click on buy crypto.

  • Make sure that you have chosen the appropriate currency for you. If the card is in dollars, choose the dollar, and if it is in dirhams, choose the dirham, and so on.
  • Make sure that purchasing cryptocurrencies is legal in your country or at least not prohibited.
  • Make sure that your bank deals with digital currency platforms. If the bank does not deal with the exchanges, you can buy Bitcoin from Binance P2P.

After this, choose the quantity you want to buy and click buy. Enter the necessary card information and continue the process.
The process will be completed within minutes and you will receive your Bitcoin immediately.

If you go to the instant wallet, you will find Bitcoins in it. Remember to access the spot wallet and not the financing or futures wallet.
You will receive Bitcoin on the Funding Wallet if you buy it through P2P, but with a bank card, it is always on the Spot wallet.

Buy Bitcoin indirectly

Can you deposit money on the platform through a bank card to purchase when the price drops slightly or to purchase later in the future?

This can be done easily. Some cards can do this, but most of them are Euro cards, and this feature is not currently available in Arab countries.

But the alternative here is to buy USDT currency from the platform with a bank card.
Here you will follow the same steps above, but the difference here is that you will choose USDT instead of Bitcoin. You will receive the coins directly into your wallet.

After this, you can go to the spot market and place your buy order here whenever you like. You can buy at market price or via limit order.
A limit order is a buy order that you place and is executed when the Bitcoin price falls to a certain limit.
For example, if you want to buy at $25,000, you will place a buy order. But the order will not be executed unless the price falls this far.

Here remember well to go to the spot market and not futures.
Futures contracts are speculated on to determine the direction of a currency. But you do not own the currency itself and therefore do not invest in it but rather speculate on it.
Through the spot market, you can own Bitcoin and thus benefit from its increase and decrease.

Is it possible to purchase through an alternative platform?

There are several alternative platforms to Binance through which you can purchase.
The most famous of these platforms is the OKX platform, which is currently very popular.

The steps on the platform do not differ from the Binance platform in anything except in completing the process.
Through OKX, you make purchases through an external third party, such as Moonpay.
You may have to pay a slightly higher fee of up to 4%. But it is a suitable method if Binance is not available to you.

There is also the famous Kraken platform, which is also a suitable alternative.
You can buy directly from them by following the same steps as Binance and OKX.
But the fees are usually a little higher than usual. Platform fees can be very high during times of high volatility, so make sure you are buying at a good time.

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