Nigeria is a world leader in Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin Nigeria

Cryptocurrencies continue to be traded in Nigeria more than almost anywhere else in the world, reflecting a loss of confidence in more traditional forms of investment. Success stories have attracted millions of Nigerians to digital currencies, such as Bitcoin. A…

5 Risks Facing Bitcoin

Bitcoin Risks

Bitcoin prices have fluctuated a lot during this year, and in 2021 they reached approximately $65,000. But it did not maintain this rise for long, as it subsequently lost more than 47 percent of its value.This fluctuation has affected the…

Where can you spend your Bitcoin?

Spend Bitcoin

If you are a user of virtual digital currencies such as Bitcoin, you must have wondered where you can spend the digital currency.Through the following report, we try to highlight a few places out of hundreds of online stores and…

Study: Bitcoin mining is more energy-draining than gold mining

Bitcoin mining

A new study shows that mining cryptocurrencies are much more energy-intensive than mining their shiny counterparts like copper, gold, or platinum.Researchers have studied the unusual energy requirements of a Bitcoin mining company for years, and this first-of-its-kind comparison helps put…