Write with us

In the process of introducing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, BITCOSAT opens the door to join and become a writer on our website.

Conditions for writing articles on BITCOSAT

  • Article length exceeds 300 words for news articles and 500 words for regular articles.
  • Not using artificial intelligence in writing (BITCOSAT has technologies that help us discover content written with AI).
  • Do not attack crypto projects without arguments, evidence, and sources proving it.
  • Do not publish advertising articles for specific companies inside or outside the crypto field. (Advertisers can contact Bitcosat to advertise.)

What do writers benefit from publishing articles on BITCOSAT?

  • Place the writer’s name at the beginning and the end of the article, along with a short description of him.
  • Customize a page for the writer on the BITCOSAT website with a control panel.
  • The possibility of adding the writer’s website and social media pages.
  • Make a profit from the articles you publish through Google AdSense.
  • Achieve exposure and traffic to your articles through the power of BITCOSAT.

Details of profit from BITCOSAT

You can make money through BITCOSAT via Google AdSense.
Only after achieving the condition of publishing 5 articles on the website, we will ask you for your Google AdSense account number to receive profits automatically and directly.
You can withdraw Google AdSense profits in all countries of the world through your bank account.

BITCOSAT provides 30% of the profits from the Google AdSense advertising network.

To start writing with us, you can send us an email with the article you want to publish, accompanied by your full name and a simple overview of yourself:


After reviewing and accepting the article, a writer account will be created for you on our website.