How can we prepare for the upcoming Altcoin Season?

Altcoin season is the time when altcoins other than Bitcoin and Ethereum start to increase. We have explained altcoins in detail more than once previously. But today we want to talk about how to prepare for the next altcoin season, which is expected to occur in 2024 or 2025. So let’s find out.

Best way to prepare for the upcoming altcoin season

If you want to make the most of the increases in altcoins, you must understand that these currencies follow certain narratives or trends in the cryptocurrency market. This means that it increases for a specific reason.

For example, at the end of 2021, when the Meta company decided to invest in the Metaverse, this resulted in a crazy increase in various Metaverse currencies.

This, for example, was the metaverse novel, which continued until the beginning of 2022.

At the end of 2022, after ChatGPT was launched, artificial intelligence cryptocurrencies increased like crazy. But so far it does not seem that this story is over.

Therefore, during a bear market, it is very important to monitor events to know which categories of altcoins will increase in the upcoming altcoin season.
Today we will talk about the categories or narratives that we believe will increase dramatically in 2024.

1. Artificial Intelligence Novel: The most important event of the upcoming altcoin season

Artificial Intelligence and Crypto

Artificial intelligence is currently the talk of the world. Everyone is interested in artificial intelligence projects and the achievements they can achieve.
This means that these projects enter the area of speculative investments. In this space, the investor usually invests in promises and sells when they become reality.

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of the crypto world. This is due to the importance of using artificial intelligence in various cryptocurrency projects, which helps increase efficiency, and performance, and improve services.

One of the most famous projects that benefit from this is the RNDR currency project, for example.

There have been dedicated projects in crypto to build and develop artificial intelligence.
This is why we believe that AI will still be a very good narrative in 2024. This means another barrage of price increases for various AI projects.

Currently, we may witness this because there are many projects whose value is strongly increasing due to the news of Google’s investment in artificial intelligence and also because OpenAI is organizing a major event related to artificial intelligence.

Crypto and Telegram bots

There are some bots known as Telegram bots that have been developed recently. These bots take advantage of artificial intelligence to assist traders in trading operations. Some bots help create content and images.

This novel is considered a small part of the artificial intelligence novel, and we believe that it will also be one of the biggest winners in the upcoming bull market. Hence you must put it on your watch list.

2. World of gaming and crypto

Gaming and Crypto

There is no doubt that the world of gaming is considered one of the largest investments in the world currently.
In 2021, we have seen how crypto can achieve fantastic profits when it is linked to the world of gaming. This is when the price of the Axie Ininifty token exploded like crazy.

Many experts believe that blockchain games are still not growing.
This means that we may see new growth in 2024 for these games in terms of market value. This means increasing the prices of projects for this category.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on various blockchain gaming projects as well as projects that seek to create decentralized social platforms for players to communicate through.

Blockchain gaming is expected to be one of the biggest winners in the upcoming altcoin season. So don’t forget to follow some of these projects.

3. Liquid staking

Liquid staking emerged after the Ethereum blockchain moved from a proof-of-work mechanism to staking.

Currently, you can mortgage your shares of Ethereum currencies on the network to secure them, and you will receive an annual return estimated at approximately 4%.

But this means that these currencies will be frozen and you will not be able to use them.
But imagine if there was a way to mortgage these currencies and get a return and also use these currencies. This is the revolutionary service offered by Liquid Staking.

It is similar to having a bank savings account with an annual return, but you can also withdraw money from it and then return it at the end of the period and get your money back plus the annual profits.

For this reason, we expect all projects related to this novel to grow strongly in the coming period, especially in 2024.
This is because more people will seek to mortgage stakes and obtain an annual return and also benefit from the possibility of obtaining a currency equal to the value of the mortgaged currency.
Which can be used in trading, lending, or other various operations on the blockchain. This makes this novel one of the most important novels of the upcoming altcoin season.

4. DEX: Decentralized exchanges

Since the downfall of FTX centralized exchange, there has been a lot of anger around centralized exchanges.
Also, many people have resorted to using decentralized platforms to escape these central platforms.

This is because most of these centralized platforms are not subject to any laws or oversight. Therefore, whoever puts money on it is risking his money and can lose it at any time.

This is why the narrative of decentralized platforms has emerged and spread so strongly. Even on-chain trading has become very widespread.
On-chain currencies have increased much more than currencies listed on traditional platforms. This is due to the flight of capital from these platforms and its attempt to resort to alternative platforms.

This is why many decentralized platforms will be very popular in the coming year. It may be one of the biggest winners from the upcoming altcoin season.
This is because it makes it easier for users of blockchain networks to purchase various currencies with the lowest fees and fastest ways.

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