Who owns the most Bitcoin in 2024?

Who owns most Bitcoin

Who owns the most Bitcoin? Some people ask this question without knowing the answer. Was he Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin?Or an investor like Micro Strategy or Tesla? Or is the famous cryptocurrency owned by certain governments?Inevitably, a group…

8 Ways to make money using Bitcoin

Make money using Bitcoin

In this guide, we explain how to make money using Bitcoin through 8 different methods that carry many ideas.But first, let’s get to know what the famous currency is. Investors are interested in assets, including Bitcoin, especially with more governments…

5 largest tech companies rely on WEB3

WEB3 companies

The WEB3 concept has become prevalent among many major technology companies.The metaverse has unlimited potential, which could allow for new types of online interaction.So companies noticed this great development and switched to WEB3 or made the new Internet part of…