Best 3 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2024

The cryptocurrency market is currently in an upward trend. After breaking the $32,000 barrier for Bitcoin, the entire market exploded and began making terrible increases.
We are currently monitoring several projects to invest in these projects in the new year. So let’s get to know the best crypto projects in 2024.

List of best crypto projects in 2024

The best crypto projects in 2024 are many. This year, there are many promising projects in the market whose market value is expected to increase significantly in the coming period. Today we will talk in particular about three projects:

  • Woo.
  • FET.
  • RNDR.

These three projects are our preferred nominations for the year 2024, due to the increases we expect in their market value.
These projects have already increased in 2023 but are expected to increase even more in 2024. Let us know more about them.

1. WOO Coin Project Forecast for 2024

Woo x is a centralized platform that attempts to combine the centralized and decentralized world of crypto. Therefore, this platform is characterized by transparency.
Many investors expect the platform to become one of the largest crypto platforms in the coming years.

Woo is the platform’s base currency. Woo coin stakes can be mortgaged to trade on the platform for free without paying any fees!
The mortgage here is in different categories. The more currencies you mortgage, the more benefits you get.
To trade without fees, you can pledge 1,800 currencies, and you will also get a free daily withdrawal from the platform.
This is extremely important now given the high withdrawal fees on the Ethereum network.

In addition to this, the platform has contracts with many market makers that provide the platform with liquidity.
This diversification makes the platform not dependent on one company for liquidity, and thus it is not vulnerable or prey to this company.
The currency community on the X platform is famous, strong, and very active.

The Woo coin began this year 2023 with a sharp decline, after which the price of the coin rose to $0.3, and currently, the price of the coin is above $0.40.

The price is expected to grow above at least $1 and may reach $10 in the next bull market.



$ 0.338853

2. FET

Artificial intelligence projects are one of the most important categories of projects in crypto currently.
This is because of ChatGPT which resulted in the AI fever last year.
We have talked about the Fetchai project before on the website. The price of the currency has risen a lot since the last time we talked about it.

But unlike other projects, there is still a huge amount of room for the project to grow. This is due to the great support on social media platforms that the project enjoys.
In addition, the project team is actively and continuously developing the project.

The price of the currency fell to less than $0.10 at the end of 2022, and after that, it began to rebound strongly.
Currently, the price of the currency is above $0.70, which is considered the highest price limit that the currency will reach in 2023.

But we expect FET to easily break the $1 barrier and cross it, and also reach $5, and it is also possible to reach the $10 barrier. But this depends on the next bull market and how strong the rally is.

fetch-ai (FET)

$ 2.30


This project allows anyone who has an unused Vega card to sell this excess power to projects that use graphics cards and need the power.

Interest in this project has increased because the currency price has increased strongly recently.
The currency started the year 2023 under $1 and now the price is almost above $4.
We expect this project to be one of the largest projects that will compete in the upcoming rising market.
This is because the project is concerned with more than one point. The project relies on the power of artificial intelligence to determine its goals, and the project also strongly serves projects that build and develop blockchain games.
Finally, the project is considered to have a fairly strong connection to Nvidia, the company that produces graphics cards, whose stock has increased significantly in 2023.


Render (RNDR)

$ 10.11

These are the projects that we believe will be successful in 2024. We recommend monitoring these projects and then entering into them only if you have capital that you are willing to risk and also when it is down and not when it is up.

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