6 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms (Trusted List 2024)

Cryptocurrency trading
 has become one of the most important ways to profit from the Internet on the scene now, and it requires great knowledge and experience in many things.

On top of this is knowing the cryptocurrency trading platforms and the advantages and disadvantages of each one, and this is what beginners sometimes overlook.

This article is for you if you:

  • You want to start trading cryptocurrency, and you need to know the best company to start trading.
  • You are still a beginner in cryptocurrency trading, and you still don’t know much about the different trading platforms.
  • You want to buy cryptocurrency from a safe place.
  • You are curious about the topic and want to know more.

What are cryptocurrency trading platforms?

Cryptocurrency trading platforms are software (websites, desktop or mobile applications) that manage the entire trading process from opening, closing, and controlling it.

These cryptocurrency trading platforms facilitate the exchange process by connecting sellers with buyers and providing liquidity of cryptocurrencies to speed up the trading process as much as possible.

Cryptocurrency trading platforms also provide many important additional services, such as analyticsnews, training and tips, articles, customer service, many options, and trading systems, which help facilitate the process for traders.

Cryptocurrency exchanges vary among themselves based on the fees required, ease of use, options they offer, complexity of technical analysis of cryptocurrencies, availability of training for beginners, and cryptocurrencies available on them.

And so you find that there are a lot of platforms used for trading.

Because of this difference and disparity between cryptocurrency trading platforms, a trader has to choose a cryptocurrency trading platform carefully and after extensive and careful research and study.

So, we have written this article for you, dear reader, and now we will start our list of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms according to the preferences of the best experts in the world.

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

1. Binance platform

The number one cryptocurrency trading platform on our list is the most well-known, the most popular, and the favorite of many online traders.

It is the leading platform in the field of cryptocurrency trading, containing 200 different cryptocurrencies, suitable for all traders, whether they are beginners or professionals.

The platform, which was established in 2017, has many competitive advantages, the most important of which are: ease of use, low commissions on various operations, and transfers that are usually only 0.1%.

The platform costs are the lowest among other cryptocurrency exchanges, for example, Coinbase Pro has a commission of 0.25% and KraKen has a commission between 0.16% and 0.26%.

The platform is also multilingual and provides its services to various countries of the world, as it supports about 15 different languages around the world.

Their customer service is very tolerable and reliable even if it is not the best among the trading platforms.

As for the process of buying digital currencies, you can pay and buy through your bank card or bank transfers with ease.

Binance’s trading platform is easy and clear with plenty of indicators and clues that you will need to make trading decisions.

You will also be able to choose between three types of trading options: Basic, Classic, and Advanced.

You can trade some cryptocurrencies using margin trading, and this is to multiply your profits up to ten times, we will dedicate an entire article later on margin trading.

Also, if you want to follow your account anytime and anywhere, the platform is a good choice with its application on Android and IOS, which is also suitable for professional and amateur traders alike.

Anyway, Binance is the cryptocurrency trading platform that I highly encourage you to trade with after reading more about it.

2. eToro platform

eToro is one of the very popular cryptocurrency exchanges, used by more than 7 million traders around the world, which you must have heard of before.

The platform tries to create a complete and comprehensive experience for all traders through its products, such as its wallet available as an app on Android and IOS, and the eToroX platform for professional traders.

The platform was established in the year 2007, which means that it is one of the long-established players in this market, and it has distinguished itself significantly from the rest of the other cryptocurrency exchanges.

It is very easy to use and has a simple interface that can quickly get used to and deal with, in addition to the most important thing is that it is highly trusted by many experts and traders.

The platform, in my opinion, has two amazing features, the first of them is the imitation of traders, as it allows you to copy all the movements of some professional traders, and this makes you reduce a lot of risks and increase profits.

The other feature is imitation or copying of the portfolio, which allows you to invest or trade according to the markets or the most successful traders.

As for the currencies supported by the platform, it currently offers more than 25 digital currencies, led by Bitcoinether, and other popular currencies.

The platform also allows you to pay in many ways, and this is what makes it the preferred platform for many.

It accepts credit cards, wire transfers, PayPalSkrill, and many more.

There is something you should know about the platform, which is that the minimum transfers to it are $50 and so it is usually with the first transfer.

But many countries require the first transfer to be $200, or sometimes $1,000 like Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait.

As for the platform’s fees and commissions, they differ from one currency to another, for example, Bitcoin has a commission rate of 0.75%, while Ether and Bitcoin Cash are 1.90%.

You will also be charged for withdrawing funds – if you are in a country other than the United States – about $5 for each withdrawal, and you note that the platform’s fees are somewhat higher than the rest of the platforms, which is one of the platform’s disadvantages.

3. Coinbase platform

Coinbase is currently the best platform for Bitcoin trading, and you can tell that it is the leader in this particular field.

The platform offers trading in more than 80 different digital currencies, so you will have a lot of different trading opportunities and options.

The platform, which was founded in 2012, supports more than 120 countries, serves a huge number of customers estimated at 30 million customers, and is therefore one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges on the Internet.

It has a lot of features that might make you think about trading with it, but like everything it has some drawbacks, and we will mention them all shortly.

The availability of a large number of cryptocurrencies – more than 80 currencies and the ease of use of the platform make it suitable for many professional and novice cryptocurrency traders.

In addition, it has the advantage of dealing with credit cards and bank transfers, which greatly facilitates the payment process, in addition to allowing withdrawals through PayPal.

But despite this, the platform does not allow its users much control over their money and currencies, as it does not make them deal with them directly, nor does it give them its own private keys or Seed Phrases.

This annoys many traders and makes them abandon the platform, or at least not keep any money for long periods on their account on the platform.

The platform is simple, beginner-friendly, does not contain much complexity, and it also has a very formidable advantage, which is the presence of a Coinbase wallet integrated with the platform, available in the form of an application available for Android and IOS.

Incidentally, their wallet is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets ever.

The support and assistance services are not in the best condition, they are known to be a bit slow, and they often do not help you solve your problems.

This compensates for the presence of a large community of platform users helping each other, as well as the availability of answers to many questions and solutions to most problems on the Internet.

As for the platform’s fees and commissions, they are variable according to many factors, and it is best to view them through the platform link above.

But in general, the fees and commissions of the platform remain appropriate and sometimes low compared to some other platforms.

Another thing you need to know is that there is a version of the platform called Coinbase Pro, this platform is very popular especially among professionals and more experienced ones, because it can handle more complex trading methods.

It also has a maximum fee and commission of 0.25%, but I would not recommend trading with it if you are still a beginner.

4. Robinhood platform

The RobinHood platform you must have heard about, especially with the Wall Street issue with GameStop shares a few months ago.

Overall, Robinhood is one of the best platforms for beginners in cryptocurrency trading, as it is very easy to use, and its user experience is very clear.

A beginner who is still new to the world of trading will be able to become a professional on the Robinhood platform in a very short period, despite the limited options compared to the other platforms we mentioned.

The platform was launched in 2013, but it started providing cryptocurrency trading services in 2018, specifically targeting beginners and amateurs.

At the moment, the platform deals with 7 major digital currencies:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Bitcoin SV (BSV)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

It has become famous in the industry due to its great trading application, the fact that it does not take any commissions on the cryptocurrency exchange, and also due to the two-factor authentication which provides very high security.

As for the disadvantages of the platform, they are that it does not contain many advanced investment options, such as Mutual Funds and others, as we said, it is a platform for amateurs.

It has also faced a lot of accusations lately due to some restrictions it placed on Game Stop shares during the recent crisis.

This made some users feel that some kind of conspiracy was being hatched and damaged the platform’s reputation.

In general, the platform will be your best choice if you are still a beginner in trading, want to start with a very small amount, or want to deal with an easy and simple platform.

5. Kraken platform

Kraken is one of the very popular platforms these days, especially for its unique features and Margin Trading.

Founded in the year 2011, it is one of the most popular American cryptocurrency trading platforms and is very trusted by traders and investors.

The platform is famous for providing many advanced options and tools that help professional traders increase their profits, and perhaps this makes it a bit complicated for amateurs or beginners.

So, this may not be the right platform for you if you are making your first steps in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

One of the most important features of this platform is that it is extremely secure, as it is famous for being one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges.

The platform includes more than 80 types of cryptocurrencies, which makes it very attractive to start trading with and start earning money.

As for the costs, they are a bit variable and depend on a lot of factors, but they are low and may be lower than many other platforms.

The platform supports almost all countries in the world except for a few countries, including Arab countries: Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

6. BlockFi platform

The last platform on our list is the popular BlockFi, which is one of the platforms that is famous for being the first stop for many traders.

The platform which was established a few years ago in the year 2017, offers you to trade with 10 cryptocurrencies.

The platform allows you to quickly buy and sell digital currencies at very competitive prices, in addition to dozens of other powerful tools and features.

You can use it through its mobile application, whether on Android or the IOS system with ease, and from anywhere and anytime.

The costs of the platform are very competitive, and unlike many other platforms, there are no hidden costs that you will be surprised by.

Your account for withdrawing funds is equivalent to 0.0025 BTC or 0.0015 ETH depending on the currency you are dealing with, but this is in case you have already used up the opportunity to withdraw your free monthly funds.

One of the unique features of the BlockFi platform is that it provides you with an automatic trading service, whereby a program or code will trade some of your assets on the platform for you if you wish.

The platform is very simple and easy, and it is easy for a beginner to deal with and master it in a very few weeks, so what are you waiting for?

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