Blockchain revolution threatens the thrones of global empires Amazon, banks and media!

I am almost certain that the media’s excessive nature of its current treatment of the concept of the blockchain is wrong and misplaced, just as it is excessive in ignoring the digital currency revolution, led by Bitcoin, in its early beginnings, which is originally one of the outcomes of the blockchain.

Between a confused transmitter, an ignorant and impulsive person, a hollow media person, and a lover of appearing on social networks – the simple person became confused, the idea was lost, and the fruit was lost, until eyes became distracted from certain facts, great benefits, and threats and doubts.

I believe that the result is more important than the technical depth for the user, as he does not care much about how the devices work technically, but rather focuses on their benefits and the ways he can benefit from them in his daily life.
Not everything a person uses is understood – technically – the car occupant most likely does not care about the technology of converting fuel into kinetic energy.
The matter concerns the user of networks, the fifth generation, resource management systems, complex technological devices, and others, most notably blockchain currently.

Blockchain, dear reader, is simply a revolutionary technology that was presented as an abstract concept in 1991 AD, and resulted in an applied model in 2008 with the beginnings of the emergence of Bitcoin and digital currencies.
Its pillars are strong encryption (high degree of security for transactions and documents), decentralization (elimination of the role of mediation), and documentation.

The outcomes of this technology will sweep the world in all its sectors, toppling global empires and prominent economic entities unless someone comes up with something new that enables them to cope with it, or harness it to their advantage in a way that preserves their existence. Until then, we are now facing radical changes!

Amazon’s throne – and similar global empires – are threatened by promising projects that have begun to appear on the scene, taking the element of decentralization provided by Blockchain as their nucleus, and harnessing the other outcomes of this technology to complete the threat.

Here is the promising global e-commerce project “Open Bazaar”, which is still in its early stages and is witnessing remarkable momentum, and now has more than 25 thousand participants.
It eliminates the intermediary role that Amazon currently plays, announcing a new era of direct e-commerce between buyer and seller, the mainstay and outcome of which is Blockchain.
It uses its digital currency, its high encryption security, and the mechanism of sending and receiving money in a few minutes and without banking institutions!

Here, dozens of questions and many scenarios appear before me. What is the situation of global banking institutions and financial entities?!
How will blockchain technology affect them, and will they adopt it in a way that mitigates the threat?! Are there any initial scenarios for this?
Or are we facing a new scene of cold digital war?! Will the media play a role in this war? For whose benefit?!

Yes, dear reader, we are facing a new media edifice that will overturn the standards in media circles and turn the tables on the sources and promoters of fake news.
News is made by professional people, documentation is at its highest level, and the reader is the financial backbone of this project, as he pays in digital currency to support journalists who read directly to him, which will remove advertisers from the equation completely.
It is a new era in every sense of the word, and it is undoubtedly a different world than what we live in today. We must understand its pillars in order to determine its outcomes and benefits, and harness its benefits in the service of man and humanity.

Any sober outlook for the future must be built on solid foundations and careful studies, and today we are waiting for the specialized research companies to continue their efforts and research so that we can develop the necessary strategies and plans to keep pace with this revolution, which I believe will change much of what we experience today, in terms of concept, method, and application.

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