Buy Ethereum with a credit card step-by-step

Today we will talk step by step and in detail about how to buy Ethereum with a credit card.
Please note that these steps can be applied on any platform. They will not differ from one central platform to another, but we will give an example of the Binance platform.

Why is it better to buy Ethereum with a credit card?

Unlike Bitcoin, buying Ethereum can be done on a centralized or decentralized platform.
It isn’t easy to buy Bitcoin on decentralized platforms easily. So why is it better to buy Ethereum with a credit card?

When you buy Ethereum on a decentralized platform, you must pay the gas fee in Ethereum.
So you won’t be able to do this because you don’t have Ethereum coins in your wallet, so how will you pay the gas fees?

Blockchain gas fees
Blockchain gas fees

For this reason, for beginners, the best way to buy Ethereum is with a credit card. There will be no need to pay gas fees this way.

But you will need to create an account on a central platform and go through KYC procedures first before purchasing. This is because dealing with fiat currencies in crypto means having to go through KYC, and this may require uploading a passport or other necessary documents.

You can buy Ethereum on decentralized exchanges if you already have Bitcoin or USDT on the exchange. You may not need KYC (depending on the platform), but to purchase with a credit card, KYC procedures are always required, so remember this.

Buy Ethereum with a credit card through a centralized platform

The first step is to log into the Binance platform or the platform you want to use and register an account on it. We always recommend registering the email, and then the phone number, confirming both, to increase security.

After this, you must go through KYC procedures, and these procedures may differ from one platform to another, so be careful and read carefully.

Also, make sure that buying and investing in cryptocurrencies is at least not prohibited in your country.

Log in to the application and then click on the wallet. After this, click on overview, then after that, buy and choose the Ethereum currency. After this, enter the quantity you want and pay.

Buy Ethereum with a credit card from Binance
Buy Ethereum with a credit card from Binance

You will receive the coins on your Spot wallet on the platform. And remember this well. If you use the P2P method, for example, you will receive the money in the Funding wallet.

Remember that these steps will not differ much on central platforms and will be similar and even identical in most if not all of them.

Buying Ethereum on the platform but not in real-time: can this be done?

You can easily do this and buy Ethereum with a credit card indirectly.
Simply buy USDT instead of Ethereum. In this way, you can place a buy order on the platform through the spot market.

Buy USDT from Binance
Buy USDT from Binance

For example, we assume that you want to buy when the price of Ethereum reaches $1,500. If you buy by card, you will buy at the current market price.
The solution here is to simply buy USDT and then place a buy order on the platform at 1500. This order will be executed automatically if the price drops this far.

Buy Ethereum with a credit card in an alternative way

An alternative way to buy Ethereum with a credit card is through some hot wallets such as MetaMask.
On these wallets you will buy the currency with a card but through a third party such as Moonpay.
This party is considered the central platform and therefore you must register an account on it and go through KYC procedures.
The availability of these platforms varies depending on the region you live in and may not be available in any Arab country yet. Therefore, it is suitable for those who live in Europe.

But this method has higher fees than the regular method and therefore it is better to buy directly from a central platform. In both cases, you will need to register your data and go through KYC procedures.

Finally, you can buy through the OakEx platform, but through the free P2P market. You can also use the famous Kraken platform as an alternative to the Binance platform!

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