Losses of attack on Ledger become clear and exceed half a million dollars

Ledger estimated the volume of cryptocurrencies stolen during the hack of its Connect Kit (its library) at $600,000.
The hardware wallet company revealed that it will no longer allow blind signatures from its devices.

The attack on Ledger cost users more than half a million dollars

Users logged into EVM DApps during the attack on its Connect Kit library earlier this month lost the equivalent of roughly $600,000 in cryptocurrency, Ledger said on Wednesday.

Ledger informed that it is aware of approximately $600,000 in affected assets stolen from users logging into EVM DApps.
It also made clear that it is committed to working with the ecosystem to only allow clear signatures. Blind Signing is not on its portfolio until next June.

The French company also indicated that it was keen to ensure that victims of the hack were compensated.
Her letter stated that she is committed to all possible means, including gestures of good faith. Ensuring that this is done by the end of February 2024.

From scattered media reports, it appears that Ledger is already in contact with some victims.
It also invites other affected investors to come forward to inform and discuss their situation.

After the attack, the CEO of cryptocurrency company Ledger, Pascal Gauthier, provided more details about the incident.
The head of the actual cryptocurrency wallet maker explained that a malicious actor was able to upload a file to Ledger’s NPMJS after successfully carrying out a phishing attack on a former employee.
In detail, NPMJS from Ledger is a package manager (library) for Javascript code shared between applications.

Through this process, the hacker was able to steal cryptocurrencies from Ledger customers’ wallets when they connected their devices to third-party decentralized applications like Sushiswap.

The image of the world leader in the field of crypto hardware wallets has taken a serious hit with this new incident.
The theft of its customer database has already severely damaged it in 2020.

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