Will a Bitcoin ETF Be Approved This Week?

According to Anthony Scaramucci, former White House communications chief and founder of Skybridge, a Bitcoin ETF may be approved this week, which will fuel prices for the premier cryptocurrency.

Will the first Bitcoin ETF be approved this week?

According to Skybridge founder Anthony Scaramucci, a Bitcoin ETF could be approved as of this week.
According to him, these orders should be approved during the holidays when market interest is at its lowest.

This is just a theory: don’t be surprised if it happens, but it looks like a Bitcoin ETF could be approved next week. It’s a holiday week and it’s also a way to hide the news when people aren’t paying attention. It’s a classic way to dump information. The market doesn’t expect that. be ready.

Scaramucci in a post on the X platform.

As a reminder, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced a postponement of its decision deadline by 45 days.
As a result, the SEC must decide on Bitcoin ETFs before the highly anticipated January 10.

Opinions vary in the industry about the impact of these approvals on the market price.
For example, JPMorgan analysts predicted that the price of Bitcoin may fall even slightly after the approvals.
According to them, prices have already been recorded in the market, as investors bought Bitcoin ahead of approvals.

Also, Anthony Scaramucci previously spoke in an interview with CNBC about anticipating a historic bull run for Bitcoin.
The American official expects that Bitcoin will exceed its all-time high, although he does not know “when”!

If you ask me again in about a year, I think we will have passed the all-time high. But I remain cautious with my predictions now because I have not always succeeded in previous predictions.

Anthony Scaramucci in an interview with CNBC.

If the ETF is approved, it will open up Bitcoin access to a wider range of investors.
Including those who do not have access to cryptocurrency exchanges or who do not want to deal with the risks associated with direct trading in cryptocurrencies.

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