JasmyCoin Project: Everything you need to know about JASMY

In this article, we will learn what Jasmy is, what JasmyCoin does, and how it tries to enhance data security and enable data sharing.
Data is the main structure of the Internet as technology companies try to obtain as much information as possible and this causes a serious issue of privacy, security, and user control.
So many crypto projects are working on protocols that provide better data security and control.
The Jasmy Protocol is one of these protocols.

What is the JasmyCoin project?

What is JASMY

The JasmyCoin project represents a blockchain network and was first demonstrated in Tokyo in 2016.
The release took place in October 2021 on the Japanese stock exchange BitPoint.
In the era of the Internet of Things and the Metaverse, the project aims to provide data security and enable data sharing.
Jasmy technology also provides network metaverse applications with a bridge to exchange data within the network, giving people control over their data.

JasmyCoin also provides a decentralized storage solution optimized for the Metaverse.
Jasmy also plans to create a native network in the metaverse with the increasing emergence of WEB3 and to enhance data transparency through a distinguished team supporting the project and its operations.

The team includes a group of former Sony employees such as Kunitake Ando, the seventh president of Sony Corporation, Kazumasa Sato, director of Sony Style, and Tadashi Morita, who has been an employee of Sony since 1971.
In addition, the JasmyCoin Project issued the Decentralized League Initiative, which aims to encourage and support innovation on the platform.

The JasmyCoin Project website also provides the following:

  • University of educational materials.
  • An award that every hardworking developer gets.
  • A platform for social communication with the community.

The JasmyCoin team is working on integrating the network with Internet of Things devices to be the primary source of use, in addition to the ability for users to transfer ERC-20 tokens from one device to another.

How does the JasmyCoin project work?

The system provides the means to create and manage the bridge users use to store and transfer data.
It also provides users with the ability to control their data, and this is done through a modern and powerful blockchain network architecture for the Internet of Things.
The Jasmy Base module also efficiently and securely connects with IoT devices and has a variety of applications that give customers the flexibility to manage and use their data conveniently.

The decentralized protocol used by the Jasmy system is based on a democratic and efficient environment.
Data can be collected and stored from IoT devices to data vaults and protected by a strong security system.
And classifying data based on quality and quantity for the project to use metrics for measuring small data to measuring big data (platinum level).

Unique features of JasmyCoin?

The network is specifically designed to handle the Internet of Things and access multiple devices such as cars, laptops, phones, and transceivers with a chip consisting of different digital and mechanical components each with a unique identifier and the ability to transmit data to other terminals.

Many organizations use IoT system data to increase the efficiency of their platforms and improve performance, but this can come at a cost.
However, the JasmyCoin project provides almost the same protection and privacy.

Many organizations use IoT system data to increase the efficiency of their platforms and improve performance, but this can come at a cost.
But the JasmyCoin project provides almost the same thing with great protection and privacy.

The platform system also provides a strong, secure, and easy environment for using data in various transactions according to the requirements of data owners.
The system also focuses on consumer-focused information that allows private data between network users and suits their conditions.

Therefore, the JasmyCoin project wants to give users an integrated environment to transform their data into assets such as NFT, while at the same time decentralizing transactions.

What is JASMY cryptocurrency?

JasmyCoinToken is built on Ethereum to power the system that enables users to transfer tokens between devices and use them to pay for network services.
In addition, the token is designed to be a payment method for all types of data exchanged between network members using IoT devices.


$ 0.021101

JasmyCoin (JASMY)

These tokens are only used within the project’s ecosystem as the value of the JASMY token has increased as more organizations support it to store data.
As a result, the token has become a valuable asset for its users as they can trade it with other cryptocurrencies such as Tether and the US dollar stablecoins.

The JASMY token is distributed as follows:

  • 48% for ecosystem discoverers.
  • 27% for investors.
  • 20% for shareholders and communities.
  • 5% for incentive programs.

The maximum number of these tokens is 50 billion, while the circulating supply represents 4.75 billion.
At the time of writing, the token is trading at $0.01799 with a market capitalization of $887 million.

Token trading is proportional to the expansion of trade in the market, although the percentage is not specified.
To use the platform, you must have a minimum value of JasmyCoin.
This strategy thus increases the value of the cryptocurrency and benefits institutional and individual investors in terms of increasing their reliance on the system.

Is Web3 the next stage of the Internet?

The Internet is becoming more prevalent in our personal and professional lives, so technologies related to the crypto market will be an essential part of the future of the new Internet and mainstream WEB3 technology.

Assets like JasmyCoin can play a big role in shaping the internet and give users control over their assets and data.
JasmyCoin products are still in the early stages of development, so users can decide how they interact with the Internet to implement the team’s vision.

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