Donald Trump is reselling $2.4 million worth of Ethereum

According to Arkham Intelligence, former US President Donald Trump resold 1,075 Ethereum (ETH) units, equivalent to about $2.4 million.

After the price rise: Donald Trump sells half of his Ethereum holdings!

According to Arkham Intelligence, former US President Donald Trump has begun selling his assets in the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH), at a time when the market is on the rise.

Donald Trump appears to be selling Ethereum coins. 3 weeks ago, he began sending ETH to the Coinbase exchange after months of accumulating proceeds from Trump’s NFTs. His maximum balance was $4 million.

Arkham website on the X platform.

As a result, the former president decided to sell part of his earnings from ETH.
According to Arkham, Donald Trump recently sold 1,075 ETH, equivalent to about $2.4 million, at current market prices.

As a reminder, last April, Donald Trump made about $1 million in profits by selling his NFT collection.
Trump’s NFT collection was sold on OpenSea, and he received 10% of the proceeds from each sale, as part of the “NFT Affiliated Earnings” program.
This is two times higher than the average returns of other NFTs.

As a result, Donald Trump made more than $4 million in bonuses.
According to CryptoSlam, the group has generated over $21 million in sales and currently has over 14k users.

The collection was initially launched in December 2022, consisting of 44,000 NFTs priced at $99 each.
The collection peaked in sales at $101,000 on December 11.
With over $660k generated, it is up +81% over the past 30 days.

Finally, Trump’s recent sales of ETH suggest that he may seek to extract some profits from his investment in cryptocurrencies.
However, it is important to note that Trump still owns a large amount of ETH, and is therefore still betting on the future of the cryptocurrency.

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