Crypto Airdrop: Your way to invest for free!

The biggest obstacle many people face when investing is a lack of capital.
You must have risk capital to invest in any investment asset. Therefore, this represents an obstacle for many people.
But in the crypto field, there is a way that allows you to invest for free without paying any money.
This method is Crypto Airdrop. What is the story of the airdrop? Let’s find out!

What is a Crypto Airdrop?

A crypto airdrop is a marketing event that projects use to market their products on the blockchain.
Airdrop is intended to send free cryptocurrencies to users’ wallets.

The purpose of the airdrop is to test a specific product and then reward those who participated in testing the product.
For example, you can get money when you answer a questionnaire about a particular company’s product. It is similar, but you get cryptocurrencies.

An example to clarify

There may be a new decentralized platform or blockchain bridge. This new project has its product prepared but not marketed.
Thus, the project advertises that the public can use and experience the product, whether a new decentralized platform, a blockchain bridge, or something else. Airdrop releases are also announced and have certain requirements.

For example, some decentralized platforms require that at least $1,000 be traded for you to receive any coins in the airdrop event.
Here, this trading volume can be done by depositing only $100. but how? This is because the total trading volume is withdrawals, deposits, swapping, or currency trading on a decentralized platform.
So what you need to do is move that $100 around the network a lot. As we said, the purpose here is to test the platform to see if it has problems or not.

After this, all people who participated and met the conditions will be able to receive cryptocurrencies for free.

Top examples of Crypto Airdrop

There are thousands of airdrops in crypto. This event happens often, but only a few of these projects succeed in having their currency have a future value.
This is demonstrated by the project design and purpose. If you analyze the project well and the goal, you will know whether the currency of this project will have importance or not. Also, hype plays a very important role here.

1. Aribtrum Airdrop

There are many examples of crypto airdrops. But in 2023 the most famous example of all was the airdrop of Arbitrum, the layer 2 network on Ethereum.
Some have succeeded in making huge profits through this airdrop.

Many participated in the event by simply creating a wallet on the Arbitrum network and then funding that wallet and interacting with the ecosystem on the network.
This can be done by lending and borrowing, for example, or transferring currencies from a blockchain bridge to the Arbitrum network, or vice versa, transferring currencies from one network to another.
Also by using decentralized network-based platforms to change currencies and trade.
But of course, there was a minimum trading or operations that had to be followed.

The Arbitrum airdrop was unconventional because many people did not see much value in the Arbitrum currency.
However, the great hype around the project and the strong support on social media gave the currency have very great weight and weight.

2. BONK Airdrop

Solana’s price exploded by the end of 2023 and surpassed $100.
With this increase, activity in Solana’s ecosystem increased. I received BONK at the end of the year, which is a meme coin on the Solana network.
The launch of the currency began via Crypto Airdrop, which achieved crazy profits for many people.

3. ACS Airdrop

This airdrop wasn’t very successful but we’re putting it here as an important example of an airdrop that didn’t require anything at all.
The way to obtain these currencies was through the CoinGecko platform application points. Every time you access the application daily, you get points.
At the end of 2022, it was possible to exchange these points for 8,000 access protocol coins.
When these coins were sent to the wallets, they were worth about $220, but currently, their price has fallen by approximately 90%.
But whoever sold at that time would have received approximately $200, and this is a sufficient amount to start investing in the cryptocurrency market.

How can you make money from Crypto Airdrop?

But how can we benefit from all this to make profits for free? This is where your research comes into play (DYOR do your own research).
If you learn how to do your research well, you will know how to exploit Crypto Airdrop opportunities to make gains.

But the most important thing here is to know what conditions make you eligible to receive an airdrop and adhere to them.
Also, if you want to use more than one wallet to get Airdrop, you must be very careful.
Do not make any connection between these wallets. If there is a connection between the wallets, all wallets will be removed from the list of wallets nominated for Airdrop.

You must also know the requirements well so that you know whether they require some money or not.
As we said, some airdrop operations currently require a specific trading volume, purchasing with a specific amount of money, or making withdrawals.

Some operations also require you to pledge your currency stakes, but only in specific places.
For example, if you stake your Kuji coin stakes on the Kuji network, you will get a return in the form of a Kuji coin and also an airdrop of many other currencies.

Always be informed

Remember to always be aware of all existing crypto ecosystems, especially those whose base currency price is exploding.
For example, when the price of the Inj coin began to increase, activity on the Injective ecosystem increased, and the same applies to the NEAR and Solana networks as well.
This means the importance of always being informed, and the best place to follow news and developments in Crypto Airdrop is the X website or Twitter.
On this website, you will find many crypto accounts that follow airdrops.
You will find many options between AirDrop, which you can get by logging into Discord and interacting with others, and AirDrop, which requires you to interact with applications on the ecosystem.

If you want to know more about cryptocurrencies, do not forget to visit our website!

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