Top 3 Cheap Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2024

The year 2024 in crypto is full of different opportunities that can bring a lot of gains.
That is why today we will discuss the best candidates for cheap cryptocurrencies in 2024.
We will start by defining cheap cryptocurrencies and what distinguishes them from other currencies. After that, we will recommend a few projects.

What are cheap cryptocurrencies in 2024?

It is important to understand what the term cryptocurrency means because it is often misunderstood.
Many inexperienced people think that cheap cryptocurrencies are those whose price is less than a dollar or a cent, for example.
Therefore, many people think that a currency like Shiba, for example, is one of the cheapest and best investments.
This is because the coin is much cheaper than even 1 cent.

But unfortunately, this is not what is meant by encrypted digital currency. What is meant here is the market value.
What is meant by market value is the volume of currencies offered in the markets multiplied by their price, and here the final result is the market capitalization.
It is this market capitalization that shows whether a cryptocurrency is cheap or not.

Therefore, we conclude from this that the Shiba currency is not cheap at all.
The market value of the currency is currently about $5.3 billion, and this is a huge number.
Therefore, if you expect a 100% increase in this currency, this means an increase in the market value by $5.3 billion, and this is a very huge amount.

Therefore, a project like the Dubbz currency, for example, is considered one of the projects with cheap currencies.
Although Dubbz is currently worth approximately $3.3 and is therefore much more expensive than Shiba. However, the market value of this project is estimated at $33 million.
This means that if the market value of this project increases by only 100 million during the bull market, which is a realistic number and occurs frequently, the price of the currency will double about 4 times or much more.
This is the most important secret you should know about cryptocurrencies.

How will the price of insanely cheap cryptocurrencies increase in 2024?

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Cheap Cryptocurrencies

Based on the above, we conclude that cheap cryptocurrencies increase when their market value doubles.
Therefore, if we want to search for projects whose currency price is doubling like crazy, we will find that they are those whose market value increases.
This means that we should focus on the market value more than the currency price.

So, if a project whose market value is one million dollars increases by $10 million, this means an increase of 1000% over the original amount invested. This is because the market value has multiplied 10 times.
However, if a project with a market value of $100 million increases by the same value, the result here is a price increase estimated at 10%.
However, if a project worth $1 billion increases by the same value, the effect will be only 1% on the price.

Your understanding of this point is very necessary so that you can anticipate the possible price increases that may occur in the next bull cycle.

The most important nominations for cheap cryptocurrencies in 2024

We will now talk about the most important cheap cryptocurrency projects that we expect to rise like crazy in 2024. So let’s find out more.

1. Dubbz Project


The Dubbz project is considered one of the most important cryptocurrency projects on the scene currently.
This is due to the strong performance of the project development team. This team knows very well what must be done for the project to succeed.
In addition, the project is now looking for investors after the project reached about $33 million in market value.
This is very important. Most projects look for investors first and then produce the product.
This project did the opposite, and this reflects the strength and solidity of the product presented.

The product in this project is a gaming platform that is competed against by players.
Each player bets on his victory in the competition and the winner receives the money.
The project aims to create a strong community of gamers who love to compete.
The project also targets both blockchain games on the one hand and traditional games such as FIFA and Call of Duty on the other hand.
It also allows users to deposit funds on the platform either via cash or crypto. Therefore, it targets a large group of players.

We expect the project’s market value to break the billion-dollar barrier in the emerging market, which means an increase of more than 30-fold in approximately the coming period.

2. HERA project


HERA: This project is very important because of the AI component involved.
The project aims to design a decentralized platform on the blockchain of the Aggregator category.
This type of platform compares prices across all existing liquidity pools to give you the best price to buy the currency you want to buy.
Therefore, it is considered a combined platform for all decentralized platforms on the scene.

What distinguishes the project is that the team seeks to use artificial intelligence technology to help search for the best price for the currency you want to buy.
In addition, this project seeks to be cross-network, meaning that it can work on all different blockchain networks and not just on Ethereum, for example.

If the project team succeeds in achieving what it aims to achieve, the value of the project will undoubtedly increase significantly.
Currently, the market value of the project is approximately $30 million.
We expect this project to break at least the $500 million barrier in the bull market. Therefore, this is an increase of approximately more than 16 times.

3. RVF Project


RVF is a decentralized platform that is also similar to Hera and is considered a competitor to it.
It aims to provide a decentralized platform through which cryptocurrencies can be purchased directly either through decentralized or centralized platforms.
Thus, it facilitates the ease of trading via decentralized platforms for the user.

The platform is characterized by speed, and so far it seems that its prices are much better than the 1Inch platform, its largest competitor, and the Hera platform.
But until now, the Hera platform is still being built and developed. So it is not finished yet.
But so far it seems that the Rocketx platform is dominating this field. Therefore, we believe that its RVF currency will increase sharply in the coming period, at least 10-fold, and this may make it reach approximately half a billion dollars in market value.

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